PATER – Rug Antislip Mats and Coatings

Rug Antislip Mats  – made in Germany

Pater GmbH is a successful and established family managed company with more than 20 years experience in anti-slip coatings.


Our customers from all over the world trust in our high quality products and benefit from fast service and highly effective rug antislip mats and other services.


PATER Fleece Rug Antislip Mats fit to all types of floorings – hard coverings and carpets flooring. Choose out of our production range from economy-quality to highly effective premium product!

PATER Fleece Rug Antislip Mats – P130
PATER Fleece Rug Antislip Mats – Universal
PATER Fleece Rug Antislip Mats – Komfort

PATER Gitter Teppichunterlage – Natur-Stop
PATER Gitter-Teppichunterlage – Natur-Stop Plus
Natur-Stop Plus

Latex Grid Carpet Underlays made by PATER are appliable to all hard floorings.


These PATER Rug Antislip Mats made of high-end natural latex are available in two different types.


Latex Grid-Rug Antislip Mats >

High-quality polyester nonwovens for the carpet industry.

Unilateral nonwovens (fleece material) with antislip coating for use of carpet second backing.